Reinvent Yourself When the World Tells You To Stay the Same

Reinvent Yourself When the World Tells You To Stay the Same

The process of starting over is — without a doubt — a scary one. You can replace “starting over” with “trying something new” or “taking a different road” or “reinventing yourself.”

Basically, any life-altering change that causes you to realize, oh, there’s no predictable outcome. You can’t calculate how this will turn out.

The uncertainty and loss of control is scary, right?

Stepping into the unknown is always uncomfortable. You might be risking some of your financial security and giving up a little personal freedom. Plus, there’s that all-too-familiar fear of failure.

Because what if you put all this energy and passion into recreating this new self or chasing your personal BHAG and it falls completely flat? What if your dreams right now, right this second, don’t amount to anything in the future?

What if you burn through your time, money and effort, and then have nothing to show for it?

I feel anxious just writing that out. All the “what if’s.” This thought pattern is where people get stuck. I get stuck here all the time.

But, what if the change you make, despite how difficult, turns out to have a lasting impression on the course of your life?

5 Ways to Overcome Your Next Big Failure

5 Ways to Overcome Your Next Big Failure

Oh, sweet failure.

That gut-wrenching feeling of screwing up, letting someone down (and yourself down), and not rising up to expectations.

You know that feeling all too well — as humans, we fail all the time. It’s just a fact of life, us being these flawed creatures and all. No one is immune to failure.

And, we hate failing, don’t we? It’s uncomfortable as all hell. We’re hardwired to run away from failure as fast as we can.

Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics says, “When failure is stigmatized — demonized — people will try to avoid it at all costs, even when it represents nothing more than a temporary setback.”

But failure doesn’t feel temporary when it happens.