I'm a personal growth educator, training to be a counsellor.


I started this website because I believe in our potential to become the truest version of ourselves.

This is my reason why.

In my late teens and early twenties, I started a fashion blog and fell in love with sharing my personal style with the world. Until, it filled me with so much nervous energy that I wouldn't leave my apartment unless my outfit felt right. I had body dysmorphia, poor fitness habits, an unhealthy relationship with food, and spent my money on clothes I would only wear once for an Instagram post. It was a vicious cycle that I didn't know how to break free from.

I was able to manage my emotions through journaling and came to an a-ha moment while reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. I quit fashion blogging and found a love for personal development, yoga, and mindfulness exercises. I finally saw a therapist. I started reading everything I could on happiness, psychology, and human behaviour. I started feeling good in my body, and in my soul. This was a path I wanted to follow.

The worst part is, I suffered alone for a long time. I didn’t know where to turn to, who to talk to, or how to deal with the anxiety and stress I was going through.

Our mental health is just as important as fitness and nutrition.

Therapy is still stigmatized today, but once you feel the benefits of it, there's no turning back. And therapy isn't just talking to someone – it's movement, art, self-expression, whatever makes you feel like you're closer to your true north. I'm here to break the conventions of therapy. This is a place to understand yourself better, get out of your own way, and start living the life you want to live. I want to demystify the effects of therapy, so it becomes understood as a part of living a healthy lifestyle. I hope you'll join me, and find a little solace – wherever you are, and however you feel – right now.


You don't have to do it all alone.

Get out of your head and join the true north community.
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